Aug 212013

This is a list of websites with free resources for churches, a good demonstration that churches can be generous to share with other churches. I think it was Jesus who said: “Freely you have received; freely give.” First a list of websites dedicated to giving away free resources, and then a list of churches that produce high-quality content they use in-house and then share these resources out of their overflow and abundance:free-church-graphics

  1. free downloadable resources + ideas from the global church
  2. – an entire library of creative materials – absolutely free
  3. - Download ministry resources: Providing church leaders with quality resources to support any ministry (free downloads of videos, graphics, and sermon outlines) – from (Edmond, OK)
  4. - Free church resources made by and for the local church – from Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, KY)
  5. – free church resources from NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC)
  6. – Series, Artwork, Video, Music, Drama, Motion, Kids, Students – Church on the Move (Tulsa, OK)
  7. – series graphics, videos, trailers, print pieces – all for free – from Elevation Church (Charlotte, NC)
  8. – Vintage Church Resources is a free global sharing network for pastors and church leaders – from Vintage Church (Harker Heights, TX)
  9. – NLC Creative has free motion backgrounds and series art – from New Life Church (Arkansas)
  10. – free resources, observations, and lessons learned along the way – North Point Church (Atlanta, GA)
  11. – free resources intended to help people live out the life of the church in a smaller venue – a ministry of Northland, A Church Distributed (Orlando, FL)
  12. – free graphic resources & more from Christ’s Church of the Valley (Peoria, AZ)
  13. – Free Resources and Tools for Church Communications People, curated by Justin Dean (Mars Hill Church Seattle) and friends
  14. – provides a platform for churches and individuals to expand their impact by uploading their existing creative content to be downloaded for free by others.
  15. – Resources for Church Leaders – Download. Edit. Reproduce. Republish. For free!

Do you know other generous churches with free resources to download? Add a comment or contact me to add to this list.

ht: Free Media Resources from Churches (, Free Church Graphics and Resources Toolbox (, Free Media Resources for your church (

Aug 162013

Technology prices continue to drop and that means more free cloud storage for your files, especially the big files like movies and music. And for the companies that know how to scale well, the freemium model can work really well for their financial sustainability, where the cloud storage file hosting service has a smaller amount of space for free, and larger amount of space for pay. A handful of services are providing way more file storage space in the cloud than the market-leader Dropbox’s 2GB or big-brand Google Drive’s 15GB. This is a list of cloud storage services with the most free space (immediately after sign-up):

Of course there are many differences between each of these services, features differ on things like: maximum file size limit, auto-backup, file-sync with your desktop, sync across devices/platforms, file sharing, collaboration, upgrade for “unlimited” space, and so on. You can check each web services to figure out which has all the features that best fit your computing lifestyle. I’ll try keep this up-to-date with the latest numbers on how much free space they’re offering, and any new ones that come along. Other helpful blog posts related to this quest for free cloud storage space:

A comparison of FREE Cloud Storage Services (Samer Kurdi, May 2012)

12 free cloud storage options: There’s Dropbox, Box, iCloud, Google Drive and others, but which is right for you? (Network World, Sept 2012)

Supersize your free cloud storage to 100GB or more (PC World, May 2013) – suggests using JoliCloud to connect multiple cloud services into a personal supercloud

Is Free Online Backup Really Free? (

Five tools to help sync more than one cloud storage service (July 2013) = Otixo, Hojoki, Primadesk, Cloudfuze, GoodSync

21+ Free Cloud Storage Service Providers to Backup Files Online (December 2011)

Seventeen free cloud storage services for personal use (January 2013)

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Jun 152013

freeThere are a few options for churches to get a basic church website built via self-serve without having to installing software or use a credit card. Here is a list of online website builder platforms that specifically serve churches and ministries:

  • Churchuna - “a WordPress-powered web publishing platform, created especially for the church” - free level has 50 MB storage space; paid level starts at £8.33/month *invitation only*
  • City Gates  “beautiful website that’s simple to manage. City Gates combines powerful web tools, ease of use, and great design” - free plan for 1 admin, 2 ministries and 1 GB storage; paid plans start at $39.99/month
  • - “ was started in March of 2008 as a ministry arm of After realizing that some churches were very small and sometimes in debt where they could not pay for any web site, we decided to use our profits to sponsor a free version of the product.”
  •‘s NE1™ Web Builder has a free plan with 12 pages, 2 MB space; paid plans start at $5.95/month
  • - free plan has 3 Pages, 10 MB storage, 1 User; paid plans start at $29/month
  • ChurchPres – a free WordPress-powered website with 3 GB space, or paid upgrades starting at $25/month
  • – free website hosting for Christian churches

Note, however, that time is more valuable than money. While you could earn more money, you can never earn more time. Having a free web presence is a  way to get started, but I’d encourage you to diligently make room in your church budget to get a professional website built that better represents your church and the God that we worship.

Sep 182010

There are still a handful or so companies that provide free website hosting with FTP, even in the aftermath of very popular early-’90s personal website hosts like Geocities / Fortunecity / Angelfire / Tripod.

It is harder to find a web host that has FTP (file transfer protocol) functionality that allows file uploading so you can develop and build your own custom web pages. Most of these web hosts also provide some kind of a web-based template fill-in-the-blank dashboard too. That’s to say, there are many more free website services that don’t support FTP and have a web-based content editor. By the way, why would you want a free website hosting with FTP? They’re great for learning how to develop a website in a working environment that’s not your local hard drive.

Not sure how they afford it, whether having FTP or not. Probably they’re hoping for an upsell, and getting a little ad space on all the rest. You could call it freemium.

There are more listed at

Jun 252010

Next Tuesday, June 29th, I’ll be a part of 2 free webinars! Join me for the one that fits your schedule better.

m2liveAt 8:30am Pacific / 11:30am Eastern, it’s the M2LIVE webinar on How to Champion Web Ministry in Your Church. This is a discussion-driven webinar, hosted by the M2Live duo of Sean McAtee and Matt Carlisle. Just go to and you’ll watch the live video and text into the chat room — powered by MediaSocial. (No prior registration required.) [update: watch recorded webinar]

At 2:00pm Pacific/ 5:00pm Eastern, Worship Leader magazine’s Tech Steward Tuesday webinar series continues, with “Is it safe to be on Facebook?” This 30-minute webinar will kick off with an update on Facebook privacy matters affecting 400+ million active users and then I’ll respond to your questions and comments. Free registration required.

May 292010

Get your technology questions answered on a live chat-in talk show in the coming weeks. This live webinar is hosted by me, DJ Chuang, and I’ll take your questions during the Tuesday webinars as well as any time before one. The webinar series are free with registration. Here’s more details about the first show:

Session Title: Tech Steward Tuesday: What is the stewardship of technology?
Session Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Starting Time: 2:00pm Pacific Time | 4:00pm Central | 5:00pm Eastern

Not every church has to Twitter and use every new media technology. How do you know which ones your church should use or not?

Join this 30 minute special preview of the Pre-Conference topic–Stewarding Technology in a Service of Worship–at all three of this year’s National Worship Leader Conference. This series is designed as a talk show, where DJ Chuang, network developer at Worship Leader magazine, will be discussing different topics and answer your questions about church and technology.

This Tuesday, DJ will be addressing the question, “What is the stewardship of technology?” Join the FREE chat-only webinar to explore how your church should be stewarding technology in the service of worship.

Starts Tuesday, but space is limited! Sign up here: [or goto
direct link to registration]

Future webinar dates will be:

  • June 8th
  • June 22nd
  • June 29th
  • July 6th
  • July 13th

[aside: I know this is happening right after Memorial Day weekend, but we were so eager to get this going! I hope this webinar will be a good break during your catch-up day on Tuesday.]

Sep 222009

2 highly influential church leaders are offering one day with them at a global leadership conference called Unleashing Beauty on October 10th, 2009. The 2 leaders are Erwin McManus and Dave Gibbons. Both have been keynote speakers at large conferences for church leaders like Willow Leadership Summit and Catalyst. Now they’re taking a day to share their insights for free and give themselves away!
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May 272009

// [update 6/3/09 4:30pm] Notes + video posted at the L2 Foundation blog //

Fellowship of American Chinese Evangelicals (FACE) has invited me as a special guest for an ABC/English Pastors’ Fellowship Meeting, next Wednesday, June 3rd, starting at 10:00am.
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Apr 152009

Today is that big deadline day for filing income taxes in the United States. Not the most exciting day, unless you’re getting a refund.

Here’s something much more exciting: win 2 free tickets to Exponential Conference 2009: Art of Movements (aka 2009 National New Church Conference). Love the interviews they’ve posted in their podcast [rss or iTunes], with leaders like Tim Keller, Erwin McManus, Dave Ferguson, Perry Noble, and Francis Chan.

2009 National New Church Conference
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