News Release: Logos Bible Software is now Faithlife Corporation

NEWS RELEASE Logos Bible Software is now Faithlife Corporation Logos Bible Software has changed its company name to Faithlife Corporation to reflect a wider offering of products and services for the Christian community. BELLINGHAM, Wash., September 15, 2014 — Logos Bible Software, the maker of the world’s leading Bible software, is rebranding […]

How can I get a .CHURCH domain name? 3

[UPDATE] See this list of registrars and pricing for .CHURCH domain names for where you can register .CHURCH domain names now As the Internet namespace expansion program continues its roll-out, I’m hearing this recurring question from pastors: “How do I get my .CHURCH domain name?” I talk with quite a […]

When is a home Bible study a church? 3

America was founded with a primary motivation for the freedom to worship without government regulations. (Unlike some, I am not convinced that America was intended to be a “Christian nation” or founded on “Judeo-Christian principles,” though Christian influence was certainly part of the mix. What is clear to me is […]