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Thanks for all who came to our workshop session on the Future for the Asian American Church at Exponential West 2013. Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in America today, and exponential numbers of next-gen multi-Asian churches are being planted that better reach the next generations of not just Asian Americans but also multiethnic America. Here’s the slides and links to references mentioned and a some bonus links too:

Pew Research Report – The Rise of Asian Americans
#article “O.C. exports Asian American churches to the world” (OC Register, January 2013)
Ambassador Network –  launching multiplying, multiethnic, and missional churches

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    • djchuang Post author

      Hey Charles, thanks for the kind words, know that we all live with that physical limitation of only being able to be at one place at a time 🙂

    • djchuang Post author

      Fred, thanks for your comments and your eagerness to hear more. Maybe if there was a handful of other people that want to hear this presentation via an online webinar, I’ll schedule one and I’d be happy to present these slides, field some questions, and have an engaging discussion. Yes, one of the solutions is more next generation multi-Asian churches; the big idea is that, Lord willing, we can be a part of creating the future.

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