Jan 262011

Looking for active bloggers who are multiethnic church leaders? Why blogs and bloggers? Because they’re most findable via search engines, more sharable with many people on the open internet over a longer period of time, and they [potentially] can say a lot more than a tweet or status update.


In other words, conversations build relationships and understanding. Blogging in many ways is a better way to express ideas + thoughts + feelings in more details than a quick tweet via Twitter. Ultimately, the best conversations can happen face-to-face, but just because we’re not in the same geographical physical location doesn’t mean the conversation has to stop.

Here’s a list of active bloggers that are multiethnic church leaders, actively engaged in blog conversations about church diversity, in random order:

There are others I may not know (my apologies for glaring omissions), and there will be more as time goes. Anyone else I should add to the list?

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