worlds colliding

(I had said this before but hadn’t blogged it) The Apprentice is being revealed tonight.. I started watching a few weeks after it began, wasn’t on top of that venue, great to see the building momentum over the past few months.. and fascinating to see the development of reality-based television (unscripted but still casted and edited) beyond Survivor, arguably the American forerunner (tho’ arguably Candid Camera, American’s Funniest Videos, Real People, have been past foreshadows).. where the marketing genius of 2 who are way ahead of the pack, in a time where [alleged] transparency and authenticity is [somewhat] craved, the Donald and Jessica Simpson are way ahead of others (exception noted for the Osbornes), by putting themselves out there on reality tv, and instead of spending their own monies via conventional marketing tactics, they get on reality television and get paid for it.. brilliant!

what a way to get a message out, pitch the product(s) via presenting the person.. and the worlds collide [Costanza reverb here] with the Apprentice featuring a Jessica Simpson concert.. would the Newlyweds show have an episode about her concert and how it went with the team from The Apprentice? Can you say cross-branding affiliation?

in an information oversaturated world, the personal touch of a person makes it stand out.. what makes the world of blogging all the more effective is the person attached to the blog, and then the personality and content to support the cast.. with millions of blogs around, to cut through the clutter, it’s the persona-driven ones that stand out (ones that come to mind most quickly: Andrew Sullivan [a profitable one at that], Jen Lemen, Rudy Carrasco, Jordon Cooper, Tallskinnykiwi, Josh Claybourn, boing boing, et al

So what makes Purpose-driven the big deal, according to this thesis, is Rick Warren (what makes Willow World go round and round is Bill Hybels).. but also, Pastor Rick has tapped into the budding infrastructure of pastors, which I’m coining the term (at this moment) as an dynamically-generated inter-church network (or I could call it A New Kind of Network, cf. McLaren).. Mel Gibson tapped into it too for The Movie (now well into the top 10 of all-time grossing movies).. the Purpose-driven (PD) network has been built years in advance, commencing with the PD church book, the PD conferences, the web portal, and most significantly activated (used) with the PD Life book, and would likely be used for the PEACE initiative in the on-deck circle.. with these dynamically-generated inter-church network, the infrastructure gets built through a lot of relational strategies with key leaders (pastors), in order to access the masses to which these leaders influence.. but it has to be done ever so carefully, and not exploited, or the whole thing collapses.. and it can’t be over-used, that is, only 1 thing gets distributed through A Network, not many things.. A Network cannot be used for multiple products from multiple vendors, and thus branded (bad thing).. A Network built around A Person.. opt-in and opt-out going forward.. corollary: A Network built around A Movie.. A Network built around A Event.. A Network built around A Conversation.. then timely dismantled — and this part of the life cycle perhaps most challenging to the institutionally-biased, build-an-organization, kind of thinking..

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