Ray Chang

When Christians Grasp for Power, We all Lose

I believe that we as Christians have had privilege in many ways that other religions do not have, here in America. I think that privilege and power are intricately linked—found these good thoughts on Twitter worth reading and considering.

(twitter thread by Ray Chang, posted with permission, unrolled via threadreaderapp.com)

#ChristianPrivilege, like any other form of privilege, can be used for good & evil.

At its best, it’s used to share the good news through word AND deed. But where it is corrupted, you see how it has wedded itself with self-serving agendas & power.

There is an increasing criticism of #ChristianPrivilege not because Christians have stewarded our privileges well, but because we have acted with hypocrisy. It is right for people to call us out when we are afraid to do it ourselves. In such cases, we can repent.

With that said, the days of #ChristianPrivilege are quickly diminishing. In this, we must ask ourselves, are we willing to be treated as we have treated others as a whole? If not, then maybe we need to pray and ask God to help us correct our course.