Vision Revisited: Episode 3 of the Multi-Asian Church Podcast

Yes there’s more to be said about the importance of vision. In episode 3 of the Multi-Asian Church Podcast Series, Ed Choy and I dig deeper into how to communicate compelling vision in multi-Asian/multi-ethnic churches. While the gifts of a strong communicator is valuable, it isn’t the magic bullet in getting vision to stick. We discuss several other factors in developing vision, developing leaders, and developing the church. And I even mention a couple of specific examples, venturing into dangerous territory there because that can open up more room for misunderstanding, as if we haven’t done that already.

Episode #3: Vision Revisited

Show notes

  • Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead

  • Boston Chinese Evangelical Church
  • Bay Area Chinese Bible Church
  • The Multi-Asian Church Podcast Series: Episode #1; Episode #2