Untapped potential of Asian Americans

Got tapped to weigh in on this informal survey on Facebook from Tom Lin: What are some gifts Asian Americans bring to the Church and missions?

Scroll down to see all the responses that came in and add your response

Santa Ono: “A cultural perspective that often places community before self. A tendency to listen well.”

Delwin Archer: “An inspiring discipline, passion and work ethic! A focus on excellence. A love for the arts—especially music.

Grace Yung Watson: “Generosity, hospitality and tenacity to name a few.”

Joe Nho: “A respect for cultural heritage in the assimilation of Christian life.”

Alison Klein Esselink: “… would it be too worldly to mention ‘delicious food’?”

Peter Cha: “Crossing racial/cultural borders through serving ‘others’ and collaboratively working with ‘others’….”

Kathy Khang: “The ability to live in the tension of sometimes competing / opposing cultural value systems.”

Paul Tokunaga: “… the potential to be peacemakers and peacebrokers between blacks and whites

Kathy Khang: “There are so many cultural values (saving face, filial piety, etc.) that when redeemed by God’s love and grace can become powerful in mission. … Asian American women have the gift of having come out of cultures that historically considered them as property but living out the opportunities of equality under and through Christ.

DJ Chuang: “AAs have tons of untapped potential! … I’d add: long-term loyalty, third culture adaptability, global mobility, consensus builder…

Tom Lin: “3 big gifts: (1) multi-lingual and bi-cultural upbringing, (2) ‘non-threatening’ asian face :), and (3) highest U.S. demographic group in educational resources and financial income!”

A bigger question would be – what would it take to tap into all that potential? Let’s get a move on!

[aside: I did get permission to post the thread but not yet from each respondent. Will note accordingly as/when I do. ]