unblink launching: starting with the why

The internet is changing. In case you didn’t know it. Most people don’t. That’s okay.

The namespace is getting 100s of new domain extensions, like the one used here at unb.link and as the dust settles and more websites and blogs use this, a lot of things will change. Where it goes, nobody knows for sure, but some of us are watching and paying attention. Don’t blink or you might miss it, or get left behind, and miss the early possible opportunities to shape the future while the concrete is not yet dry.

What I’d like to do here is to bring attention to things that should be easier to find on the Internet. It’s surprising to me how hard it is to find answers to questions I’m asking. Maybe I’m just asking questions that not that many people are asking. But I figure, if I’m asking, then surely there may well be other people that are asking. And here’s the data to back that up, these are a few of the things that do show up on Google Instant. But the results could certainly be better.

That’s what I’ll be doing here. Would love to have your comments. Welcome to unb.link.

[photo credit: ThomasHawk]