the switch is beginning, mass migrations of people away from MovableType to other blog or CMS tools; on a quick blogosphere scan, I saw bloggers switching to WordPress or Textpattern.. my choice is going to be pMachine.. for those growing into a full-CMS type system, check out the demos and reviews at www.opensourcecms.com

for the record, I sent in a donation to support MovableType, and their new pricing structure doesn’t phase me as much as the risk in trying to do their installations.. I downloaded and installed a free version of pMachine in about 10 minutes.. like it already.. (and intend to get the Pro version, later).

preview my new blog, a work in progress.. don’t bookmark it yet, I may migrate my entire website over.. off to Nashville!

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  1. DJ, I’m interested. For someone who’s not a total techhead (me), which do you recommend?