Google AdSense is empowering people to do all kinds of monetizing of their websites, even here. But, it’s also generating a whole cottage industry of people trying to push pre-generated content so that the Google crawler will find those content sites and push AdSense ads along side of the content. While I prefer fresh and relevant content, I know there are people who are online to make money – to contrast with my primary motivation which is to provide information and to build relationships.

Some AdSense tips to check out – without having to pay $50, $100, or more for some report or course:

Some thoughts and opinions on AdSense:

  • from Joel on Software – “Google is actually hurt by the long tail world of millions of small sites…”
  • warns – “There are plenty of people out there selling Adsense websites as well other people selling top paying keyword lists.” And then proceeds to sell a package that “can make a handsome income from Adsense if you know the right words, how to target them, and how to design a highly optimized site around them.”

The only current book on Search Engine Optimization is SEO Book. Aaron Wall also keeps a very active blog on
search engines, search engine optimization tips, his SEO ebook for sale, and search engine news.

But, there is more to Internet marketing than AdSense. Here’s a couple of outstanding blogs about it: