Are things really as clear as black and white? Simple and quick answers are not enough…

We’re talking theological diversity here. In Christendom there is a great deal of diversity, and some of it is God-given, as He has given each a gift and each a portion of faith. But even in the global conversation, there is something to be learned from non-Christians because of God’s common grace. As we learn to dialogue with one another, we can grow in true maturity and yet hold fast to good doctrine. The following is an index of web sites for exploration.

For those who are dogmatic and dog-headed, all’s you can do is leave them alone– no room for dialogue with them.

NOTE: Some of these are not within the scope of Christian orthodoxy! Be as the Bereans and learn to discern!

Best places I’ve found for some engaging dialogue:

Theological Stuff

Gender Issues


Roman Catholic

Liberal Christianity



Charismatic / Pentecostal

House Church