Now available! MultiAsian.Church book in print and digital!

The publishing of this new book, “MultiAsian.Church : A Future for Asian Americans in a Multiethnic World,” is finally complete! Now it is available for purchase online, both in print and in digital formats. 100% of proceeds from book sales go to Thirty.Network for advancing Asian American church leaders in a multiethnic world.

This book is a strategic guide for ministry by Asian Americans, for Asian Americans and non-Asians too, in a multiethnic world. DJ Chuang has compiled the very latest demographics, statistics, real-life examples, stories, and recommendations to quickly ramp up its readers with pertinent information for ministering among the fastest growing racial ethnic group in America. (I know it’s my blog here and my book, but felt sometimes I should write in first person and sometimes in third person, to accommodate search engines and new readers.)

In the past decade or two, I’ve seen a growing number of next generation multi-Asian churches and so I coined this new phrase to describe a new kind of multiethnic church led by bi-cultural Asian Americans, because these have a different look and feel than other kinds of multiethnic churches that bring together largely monocultural people. Here’s what the book is about in one simple chart:

I believe that many Asian Americans sovereignly have been gifted with a bicultural background, and for those ready and able to embrace this as a blessing and not a curse, these next generation Asian Americans are uniquely adaptable to navigate in our racialized society. I believe this to be a hopeful present future for Asian Americans in the multicultural society of the United States of America. Yes, Asian Americans have a special place to bring about the unity that Jesus prayed for in John 17.

As time permits, I’ll share more about the back story and the context from which this book idea emerged. From inception to completion, it took 14 months from start to finish the authoring and publishing of this book.

Now the real work begins, or shall I say the next phase of work starts, with marketing and promoting this book. You can help by sharing this article with your friends and colleagues + Like the Facebook page + Follow @multiasian on Twitter + Subscribe to updates.