Networking Christian Developers and Technologists for Kingdom Impact

Recently heard about a great network of networks for Christian developers, technologists, and entrepreneurs in the tech sector that stems from the Code For The Kingdom hackathons, an initiative launched by Leadership Network, that has an online connection point via the Google+ Community for Code fo the Kingdom at

These meetup groups (powered by for Christian technologists and entrepreneurs total almost 3,000 members (at the time of this post)! Out of this list of metropolitan areas and major cities with Christian software developers and technology leaders connected through, the highlighted (in bold and asterisked) groups have active meetups scheduled in the coming months — it’s quite powerful to convert the online connections into offline meetups—

Austin Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs *
Austin, TX; 325 members

Nashville Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs *
Nashville, TN; 196 members

Bay Area Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs *
San Francisco, CA; 177 members

DFW Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs
Dallas, TX; 422 members

Seattle Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs
Seattle, WA; 127 members

Research Triangle Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs
Raleigh, NC; 77 members

Orlando Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs
Orlando, FL; 562 members

Albuquerque Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs
Albuquerque, NM; 90 members

LA Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs
Los Angeles, CA; 108 members

Atlanta Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs
Atlanta, GA; 180 members

Rocky Mountain Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs
Denver, CO; 100 members

The description and welcome letter of these meetup groups tell more about what these networks are all about:

“A big HELLO and WELCOME to our community. Tell us about yourself, your passions, and any projects that you may be working on. We want to create a space for developers, technologists, innovators, and entrepreneurs to openly express their Christian faith. We are all walking a journey of integrating our work and our Christian beliefs — let’s walk together and with Christ.”

“This is a group for talented individuals who want to apply their skills and experiences to advance common good and serve God’s Kingdom. We will organize meet-ups and weekend long hackathons to gather some of the best minds to use prayer, our skills, and technology to tackle challenges confronting our society, communities, churches, and spiritual lives.”

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