Looking for Asian American Church Leaders under 40

Each and every summer, I am getting older and farther from the next generation of Asian American young adults who are maturing into their own as Christ-followers, some as pastors and church leaders, others as faith-filled people working out in the world mixing it up as light in the so-called darkness.

Taking a bold step of faith here, going out on a limb, I’ll just say what is on my mind, unscripted and unedited. I want to connect and hear from Asian Americans who are looking for more out of life and faith.

Yes, that’s a broad category. And, I hope you’ll receive it as an open invitation.

I’m putting myself out here and making myself open to your feedback and your story. I’m happy to share mine, and I have over the years, blogging since 1999.

Why Am I Doing This

I like to help people, no doubt, as an Enneagram type 2. So it comes from a good place, perhaps to a fault. While I’m active in my faith community, its geography limits me to reaching a small number of people. I believe there are many more people that can be connected over social media. We can redeem the use of technology beyond the tropes of shouting matches and coveting comparisons. So let’s connect.

What Do I Know and Don’t Know

I might be a total stranger to some of you. And that’s okay. We all start there with everyone except family members.

Here’s a quick intro to DJ Chuang. Most of my adult life has been working in the nonprofit world with Christian organizations, ministries, and churches. My professional experiences revolve around domain names, writing, researching. Learn more at my Linkedin profile).

What I don’t know is business acumen, career development, fundraising, or finances, or investing money.

Honestly, I’m much more interested in personal relationships and healthy living. That takes its expression in 3 primary ways: mental health (i.e. Erasing Shame podcast), Asian American faith (MultiAsian.Church book), and Christian generosity. (Or to say it another way, I care the most about the church, capital C; don’t let that word trip you up, if you prefer terms like spirituality or faith community instead.)

It’s worth a conversation, yes?

Let’s schedule a time to talk by voice or video. We can get to know each other. And then we can chat about how I might be able to help you get more out of life.