How accounting for non-profits can be easier

Had a video chat this week with Tim Goetz about a new accounting software called Aplos. I first met Tim through several Leadership Network events convening multi-site churches with 4+ locations; Tim was from The Well in Fresno. And, if you watch the interview to the end, you’ll get a special bonus for trying out Aplos fund accounting software while it’s in beta phase.

Non-profit organizations and churches have a unique situation that most (?) accounting software do not easily address. Either the accounting software has too many features, as if it were written for an accountant, or not enough features that’d be needed for non-profits to track donations from individuals & print out annual contribution letters, and to track money given to specific funds and spending from specific funds. That’s what I heard from the video interview; I’m not sure what all the above means, since, I confess, I have a hard enough time balancing my check book.

Side note: the video recording didn’t capture my webcam correctly, so I annotated the video with caption to make it flow.


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