Potbelly Hot Peppers

We love Potbelly’s Hot Peppers!!! This fan page has the best info for Potbelly Hot Peppers fans to share the love. And if you live where there’s no Potbelly Sandwich Shop, like we are here in Orange County, California… if only Potbelly would open an online store for Potbelly Hot Peppers!

Potbelly Brand Hot Peppers

What exactly is in Potbelly Hot Peppers mix? Potbelly Hot Peppers are their in-house version of Chicago-style Giardiniera. Wikipedia’s entry for Giardiniera:

Chicago giardiniera is commonly made “hot” with sport peppers or “mild” without, along with a combination of assorted vegetables, including bell peppers, olives, celery, pimentos, carrots, cauliflower, serano peppers and gherkins, and sometimes crushed red pepper flakes, all marinated in vegetable oil, olive oil, soybean oil, or any combination of the three.


Potbelly’s hot peppers @ The Record (August 15, 2013) by Elisa Ung

“… the chain’s standout hot peppers. They’re really more like a jardinière — a mixture of serranos, jalapeños and red bell peppers packed in oil with carrots, celery, cauliflower and green olives. The sharp, fiery-tangy flavor jazzes up more than just sandwiches — I have a jar in my fridge and like to spoon the oil over eggs.”

Taste Test: The Best Hot Giardiniera @ SeriousEats.com (Nov 6, 2013) by Nick Kindelsperger
Potbelly Hot Peppers ranked #3 out of 16 Chicago-style Giardiniera

My love & hate relationship with Potbelly’s hot peppers @ rebeccageller (November 2010)

[@shepkillion] Potbelly’s hot peppers go well on anything. Literally. I put them in my ramen for lunch and it became bomben

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