Dai Du-heng


Commemorative Anthology of Mr. Dai Du-heng: Remember a Democracy and Freedom Fighter. By Li Zhan 李瞻 and Zhao Ting-jun 趙廷俊. Dai Du-heng Journalism-Scholarships-Foundation Committee; February 2001; 363 pages; (free) not for sale.

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戴杜衡 Dai Du-heng, a thinker, writer, literary critic, syndicated columnist and a pioneer freedom fighter in Taiwan, died on November 17th 1964, aged 58. The collection included Du’s “Liberty Without Prejudices,” “Story Writing Techniques,” news reports and articles honoring his literary legacy. The most interesting period of Du’s life coincided with the rise of Chinese communism and after the defeat and retreat of the KMT to Taiwan. Du moved away from anti-communism, to which he had almost given allegiance in the 1930s, and subsequently played an important part in preventing the KMT from using the media as a political vehicle in post war Taiwan.