Monthly Archive: July 2016

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List of church apps for mobile smartphones

With so many people with smartphones, there are now so many church apps too. Most church apps have custom branding & design specific to a church; common features include: sermons, events, announcements, church info. Less common features: Bible, prayer, social....

San Diego Asian American Churches

A list of churches in the San Diego area that are led by Asian American pastors and/or reaching next generation Asian Americans (listed in no particular order): Anchor City Church Redeemer Presbyterian Church GC2 Church Lighthouse Bible Church

6 essential places to distribute your podcast

Besides iTunes, you’ll want to distribute your podcast to maximize its discoverability and get the best reach to more listeners. Here’s a list of directory links for where to submit and add your podcast feed. (It’s quite amazing how this ad hoc RSS feed with pieced-together hacks has become a thing called podcasting.)