Dialogue without sacrificing your faith 11

Pastor Bob Roberts is stepping out in faith as an evangelical church leader and hosting a Global Faith Forum this November 11-13 in Keller, Texas, near Dallas. Watch this video of my interview with Bob Roberts, and catch his heart on why he talks graciously with non-Christians, builds friendships, and […]

all kinds of spiritual formation going on 14

For followers of Jesus wanting a more transformational life, more people seem to be engaging in some kind of spiritual formation process. I’m finding a number of different programs and processes that are percolating in the evangelical world at large (though the concept has been around for Catholics for centuries.) […]

how emotionally maturity is connected to spiritual maturity 15

Continuing the series on “Developing emotional maturity – part 3 of many”. [cf. part 1: what is emotional maturity? part 2: how to develop emotional maturity] Peter Scazzero is one of the few authors that compellingly connect spiritual maturity and emotional life. Since he’s got a couple of published books, […]

how to develop emotional maturity 21

Continuing the series on “Developing emotional maturity – part 2 of many”. [cf. part 1: what is emotional maturity?] I think I’m (mostly) right there are (practically) no book titles with the words “emotional maturity.” There are a few self-published books about this topic. Strange. And, there are quite a […]