Why We Sin When We Know So Much

There’s something ugly about moralism and self-righteousness, the exhausting effort of trying to be good and to do the right thing all the time. Doing good is a good thing. This isn’t to say we give up and give in to our lustful desires and “animal” instincts. What I’m realizing […]

going sinless for 50 years 7

At a conference earlier this year (which I’ll not specify to protect the innocent and the guilty), I’m having a conversation about what some Christians believe with 2 other guys. We were talking about differences and nuances between some Christian sects and denominations. While most of them agree on major […]

okay to eavesdrop

It’s not often that I get into a conversation about Asian culture with a fellow Asian, as much as I seek it. Perhaps b/c it is not a comfortable kind of topic, not easy like small talk about weather, sports, or food. Listen in on this excerpt from an IM […]