Nov 082012

I’m meeting up with a group of church planters in downtown Long Beach, California, and talking about social media in 17 minutes. That’s 1 minute short of an iconic TED talk. And the schedule has room for 17 minutes of Q&A to follow my color commentary about social media and church planting.With this being a less-structured more-stream-of-conscious talk, my game plan is to do a show-and-tell of these links below, and they’ll serve as conversation starters and real-time learning.

As I walk-through these links, I’ll aim to get the audio/video recorded and post-produced for the next episode of Social Media Church, so all the world can benefit from this valuable conversation about why church planters must use social media. And a word of thanks to Vision 360 Long Beach for hosting this gathering and inviting me to be a part of one!

Listen to raw audio recording (mp3) below

May 092011

Question: “how would I find a listing of the least churched cities in America?

Answer: In casual conversations, I’ve heard the following cities mentioned as being among the least churched cities, aka most unchurched cities, in the United States: Seattle, Miami, San Francisco, New York City, Salt Lake City, Portland[2], Philadelphia, even Reno. Curiously, a comprehensive list wasn’t easy to find using a search phrase like “least churched cities“; a few more results did show using a search on “most unchurched cities“. Here’s what relevant data I could find about the least churched cities and the unchurched:

The 1000s of church leaders gathering at the Exponential Conference – National New Church Conference (Orlando, April 2010) probably have the answer, the lists, and more data than you can imagine. Until then, we’ll keep on the search.

Can you help? Add a comment and make the the definitive list of the top unchurched cities more available to the masses!

[update 10/17/10] On the Learnings @ Leadership Network blog, Most and Least Unchurched Cities, Dr. Warren Bird listed findings from a Barna report:

Cities with the largest share of unchurched adults (polled as: had not been to a religious worship service in the last 6 months):

  • San Francisco (44%)
  • Portland, Maine (43%)
  • Portland, Oregon (42%)
  • Albany (42%)
  • Boston (40%)
  • Sacramento (40%)
  • Seattle (40%)
  • Spokane (39%)
  • New York (38%)
  • Phoenix (38%)
  • Tucson (37%)
  • West Palm Beach (37%)

Cities with lowest share of self-identified Christians:

  • San Francisco (68%)
  • Portland, Oregon (71%)
  • Portland, Maine (72%)
  • Seattle (73%)
  • Sacramento (73%)
  • New York (73%)
  • San Diego (75%)
  • Los Angeles (75%)
  • Boston (76%)
  • Phoenix (78%)
  • Miami (78%)
  • Las Vegas (78%)
  • Denver (78%)

[cf. February 2010 Gallup Poll results for church attendance by state. 10 states with lowest church attendance: Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington]

[update May 2011] Using a number of sources (U.S. Census, the yellow pages, the number of volunteers, the amount of money donated to religious organizations and spent on religious books), Men’s Health Metrogrades identified these 10 (out of 100) cities as the least religious:

  • Miami, FL
  • Newark, NJ
  • Manchester, NH
  • Fargo, ND
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • Portland, ME
  • Hartford, CT
  • Boston, MA
  • Providence, RI
  • Burlington, VT
Jul 292010

Meeting with a pastor today who is entering a new season of ministry to plant a next gen multiethnic church in the Westminster aka Little Saigon area of Orange County. (Aside: there’s 3 other comparable ones in proximity of that: Converge Family Church, ReGeneration Church, Redemption Point [blog]; and there’s so many to reach there, so it’s encouraging to see these startups).

I’m recommending and gifting these books to him as valuable resources, even more so than our little meetup and conversation today:

What would you add?

Apr 172010

Every year since 2007, most if not all of the church planting organizations / networks and denominations and 1000s of church planters meetup for the Exponential Conference in Orlando. This year’s is next week, April 19-22. 2 of the special things happening I know of are 5 Idea Camp workshops and Mosaix Global Network reboot/ relaunch.

Aside: using a iPad-friendly stylus, like the Pogo, I used Adobe Ideas like a telestrator on the conference website. As you can see, most of the space is to draw your attention to the featured speakers and get you to register. Extra info placed on inside pages are set aside in the left-side column.

I’ll be there on Monday to Wednesday. I arrive into MCO on Monday 4:15pm and depart on Wed 4/21 2′ish. I’ll have a rental car, so if you want to sync up for a ride share, ping me at 949-243-7260. Official twitter hashtag = #exponential. There’s a Monday night tweetup party according to @jim_gray. Info is TBD at time of this writing.

Oct 302009

Let’s take a look at my inbox and see what we find…

Question: I am student, studying ministry. Am at the end of the third year and I would like to start my ministry after I graduate. How would you be of help to me — to find material about church planting ?

My Answer: There has been a growing number of resources about church planting in recent years. A quick Google search has many links that’ll get you started. 3 of my favorites are + + .

As you can see, there’s lots of information online. The best place you’ll want to be is the Exponenential Conference, April 19-22, 2010, in Orlando. This is the biggest gathering of church planters and church multiplication organizations that can give you the support, coaching, and launching pad for church planting — more resources than you can count!
2010 National New Church Conference
Todd Rhoades has been counting up the many reasons to be at Exponential — here’s a sample :
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