If I were half a billionaire 2

Today’s humongous $540 million jackpot for the Mega Millions lottery could really mess with someone’s or a group of someones’ finances. The odds are slightly better that several people will split the winning rather than one solitary person; even though it’s statistically impossible to win, someone does. And what if […]

Performance. Skills. Salary. Excellence. 3

Some people get paid to do what they’re great at doing, some don’t. Getting paid doesn’t mean the best performance. The thing can be whatever: singing, speaking, teaching, blogging, marketing, managing, etc. Here’s the random thing I’m thinking about this Saturday. How does excellence in performace stack up against one’s […]

Who gets paid in a new kind of church? 14

The recurring question of the times in 21st century America is: “What is the church?” My flight is cancelled. That gives me time to blog. As I’m trying to get to Orlando for a couple of days at Exponential Conference with 4,000 other church leaders getting invigorated about church planting, […]