List of church apps for mobile smartphones

With so many people with smartphones, there are now so many church apps too. Most church apps have custom branding & design specific to a church; common features include: sermons, events, announcements, church info. Less common features: Bible, prayer, social. Some vendors focus on just developing customized church apps; other vendors have church […]

Why I don’t like apps

I know that mobile apps are all the craze, on iOS and Android devices, and the numbers say that more people clock in more time using apps than browsing websites. But when I have the option, I almost always choose the “Add to Home Screen” when on a mobile site using […]

Should I get an iPhone 3G or iTouch? 12

Having been an AT&T customer for years, way back to when it was AT&T Wireless, became Cingular, then becoming the new AT&T (formerly known as SBC), my current mobile phone of choice is a Blackberry Curve 8300. I’ve had it for just over a year, actually decided to get the […]