Mentoring Online for Asian American Christians

These are my slides for DJ Chuang’s breakout titled Mentoring through Media at the Asian American Ministry Conference “Mentoring for a Lifetime” at Biola University on Saturday, November 8th, 2014 Mentoring through Media @ AAMC 2014 from DJ Chuang Audio Recording (mp3) of this Breakout:: References mentioned: Connecting: The Mentoring […]

Leadership Development: Multi-Asian Church Podcast Episode 5 5

For those of you keeping score at home, this is episode number 5. In this episode of the Multi-Asian Church Podcast Series, Ed Choy and I talk about developing Asian American leaders in the context of an multi-Asian/multi-ethnic churches. You’ll need to listen more carefully, since the background noise at […]

how to put a price tag on coaching and mentoring 36

Question >> ” what do u think of this paid church coaching trend? is it biblical? Somewhere deep down, I just can’t imagine Paul turning to Timothy and saying I’ll help you for $250 per month? ” djchuang >> I am seeing a growing trend of people offering their services […]