List of beautiful Starbucks destinations in the USA

Starbucks stores around the world are serving up espresso drinks and coffee in over 25,000 convenient locations. Some of these locations are destinations that have made adaptive reuse of existing architectural buildings or have created special spaces with cool aesthetics and beautiful design. Several lists have highlighted many of the coolest […]

City Perk Bakery and Cafe 3

Stopped by the City Walk soft urban side of our Vantis housing community here in Aliso Viejo this afternoon. City Perk, our local coffee shop / cafe, is doing an unofficial soft opening for a week or so, looking for feedback on the foods they’d carry. I take it that […]

dulce de leche 2 days late

At 9:27am this morning, I ordered my first grande dulce de leche latte at Starbucks. The drink debuted on April 3rd, and took 18 months to development. It is delicious! This drink you have to imbibe with the plastic cap off, to get the full texture of the whipped cream […]