Apr 162011

Heard a most inspiring and insightful talk from Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy at Imagination Summit, at Biola University. Inspired me in many ways, including getting my breakfast at CFA Irvine Marketplace. Heard that 90% of their breakfast sales come thru the drive-thru, just doing my part.
This morning, I ordered the #4 combo. I asked if they could add cream to my coffee. They politely said no. When I got to the drive-thru window, 3 people were attending to me. 1 apologized for not being able to add cream because it was against policy. 1 said she’d add cream for me since I asked. 1 said they’ll remember to add cream for me next time I come! Thank you Frank! Remarkable!

Note to Dan, would you consider changing that policy? I thought of these 7 reasons:

1. extra convenient for drivers on the go, to not have to add sugar & cream, fumble with packages and stirrer, slowing down their mobile lifestyle as is already obvious from using the drive-thru
2. less spilt coffee in the car
3. a more remarkable experience
4. cost savings from unused cream and sugar being added to drive-thru orders by default
5. more eco-friendly to use fewer plastic stirrers (and cost savings too)
6. Dunkin Donuts does it for me ;)
7. one more opportunity for customer interaction / personalization / customization

Aug 172008

Stopped by the City Walk soft urban side of our Vantis housing community here in Aliso Viejo this afternoon.

City Perk, our local coffee shop / cafe, is doing an unofficial soft opening for a week or so, looking for feedback on the foods they’d carry. I take it that means they won’t carry everything on display right now, but who knows. [update] City Perk is now OPEN — grand opening was September 12th.
City Perk

So I walked in, greeted the managers, and walked out with a box of yummy cookies. They’ve got mini cheesecakes, croissants, cookies, muffins, and of course, coffee and espresso drinks. The concept is that mini pastries would accompany the coffee. Looking good – it’ll be great to have a cafe so close to home and with good eats. City Perk is located at 21 Vantis, and the hours will probably be 6:00am to 9:00pm (call them at 949-600-5169 to make sure.)

Apr 242008

I’ve been a Starbucks card member for years. Years I tell you. I’ve worn out at least 3 cards from heavy usage over time. I’ve had to ask the cashier to transfer my credit to a new card, because the old one was losing its magnetism. Automatic recharge on the card was nice, as was the quicker swipe on checkout was too, but mostly marginal.

The most recent change that Starbucks has added as bonuses to the Starbucks card are a good start: syrup and milk options for free, brewed coffee refills for free, free drink with whole bean purchase. (I don’t know why the graphic avoided the word free.)

now Starbucks card has new benefits

Now, here’s some of my wild-brained ideas that I’ve submitted to myStarbucksIdea.com — register there as a user for free, and vote for these! and/or add comments there for these ideas!

Ya think any of these have a leg to stand on? FFT (fan-freakin-tabulous)? awesomatimistic? kewl beans? off the hook? perfectomundo?

Apr 052007

At 9:27am this morning, I ordered my first grande dulce de leche latte at Starbucks. The drink debuted on April 3rd, and took 18 months to development.

It is delicious! This drink you have to imbibe with the plastic cap off, to get the full texture of the whipped cream and the toffee nuggets. It wasn’t the easiest thing to order b/c it’s hard to pronounce. I also find myself gravitating to less sweet, actually, non-sweet, drinks over time, so I probably won’t be getting this one very often at all.

What is Dulce de Leche? This Business Week article gives the back story:

Dulce de leche is a caramel-and-milk dessert enjoyed throughout much of the region. What’s more, Häagen-Dazs introduced dulce de leche ice cream in 1998, and Starbucks followed suit with its own ice cream in 1999. So Americans are familiar with the flavor, says McKenzie, but “it still has a nice exotic edge to it.” Besides, she adds, caramel and milk go great with coffee.

[update] TODAY show features the drink [ht: starbucksgossip]