How to reset Oil Change Required alert on Jeep

For Jeep (Wrangler, Patriot, Commander, Liberty, Grand Cherokee) and many (most?) Chrysler Group vehicles after 2008, here’s the simple instructions to reset the alert “Oil Change Required”: according to wkjeeps.com/wk_oil_indicator.htm — How to reset a service indicator The oil change indicator can be reset using the following steps: 1. Turn the ignition […]

Switching back to Silverlight from Flash Player on Amazon Instant Video

Found the answer via heather in response to “Switch back to silverlight from flash player?” Go to this link. https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/settings?ie=UTF8&ref_=aiv_rdr_pin Scroll down and you will see where the amazon player preferences are located. It’s not easy to find. I had to contact Amazon support via chat. They are super friendly and […]

Registering a Domain Name Forever

The official ICANN has responses to general questions, and the answer to “How long does a registration last? Can it be renewed?” is: Each registrar has the flexibility to offer initial and renewal registrations in one-year increments, provided that the maximum remaining unexpired term shall not exceed ten years. With […]

Richard Greene, an expert on public speaking

Richard Greene is a speaker himself, and known for his expertise about public speaking and delivering great speeches, author of “Words That Shook The World: 100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events“. Tried to find more info about him on the web — The 7 secrets of the greatest speakers […]

Unclaimed Domain Names as comedy

There’s an industry out there with people and companies that buy and sell domain names. Report has it that “the United States generates $600 million yearly from its domain name industry.” Just found out about a comedy bit from Daniel Tosh about unregistered domain names (ht: thedomains.com) that actually got people to […]