Aug 212013

This is a list of websites with free resources for churches, a good demonstration that churches can be generous to share with other churches. I think it was Jesus who said: “Freely you have received; freely give.” First a list of websites dedicated to giving away free resources, and then a list of churches that produce high-quality content they use in-house and then share these resources out of their overflow and abundance:free-church-graphics

  1. free downloadable resources + ideas from the global church
  2. – an entire library of creative materials – absolutely free
  3. - Download ministry resources: Providing church leaders with quality resources to support any ministry (free downloads of videos, graphics, and sermon outlines) – from (Edmond, OK)
  4. - Free church resources made by and for the local church – from Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, KY)
  5. – free church resources from NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC)
  6. – Series, Artwork, Video, Music, Drama, Motion, Kids, Students – Church on the Move (Tulsa, OK)
  7. – series graphics, videos, trailers, print pieces – all for free – from Elevation Church (Charlotte, NC)
  8. – Vintage Church Resources is a free global sharing network for pastors and church leaders – from Vintage Church (Harker Heights, TX)
  9. – NLC Creative has free motion backgrounds and series art – from New Life Church (Arkansas)
  10. – free resources, observations, and lessons learned along the way – North Point Church (Atlanta, GA)
  11. – free resources intended to help people live out the life of the church in a smaller venue – a ministry of Northland, A Church Distributed (Orlando, FL)
  12. – free graphic resources & more from Christ’s Church of the Valley (Peoria, AZ)
  13. – Free Resources and Tools for Church Communications People, curated by Justin Dean (Mars Hill Church Seattle) and friends
  14. – provides a platform for churches and individuals to expand their impact by uploading their existing creative content to be downloaded for free by others.
  15. – Resources for Church Leaders – Download. Edit. Reproduce. Republish. For free!

Do you know other generous churches with free resources to download? Add a comment or contact me to add to this list.

ht: Free Media Resources from Churches (, Free Church Graphics and Resources Toolbox (, Free Media Resources for your church (

Jun 272011

As the Census 2010 numbers are being crunched, our growing population makes for all the more opportunities for serving real needs of real people. And for the 17.3 million Asian Americans, who are comparatively the most educated and the most wealthy, that means a ton of raw potential for doing good and making a difference for multicultural American society and for a multinational global village.

I shared this short presentation with the AFC CMC 2013 planning committee. [tech note: I'm loving the new iPad app Bamboo Paper, free 'til 6/30]

CMC 2011 (Chinese Mission Convention 2011 West Coast) challenges Chinese and Asian Americans to fulfilling the Great Commission aka world evangelization, or as I prefer saying, being missional everywhere. This December 27-39 2011 in San Diego is CMC 2011, where the very popular Christian author Francis Chan is the main plenary speaker. Francis is now blogging at and with wife just had 5th child! Congratulations Father Francis!

References mentioned in presentation:

Additional resources:

Oct 302009

Let’s take a look at my inbox and see what we find…

Question: I am student, studying ministry. Am at the end of the third year and I would like to start my ministry after I graduate. How would you be of help to me — to find material about church planting ?

My Answer: There has been a growing number of resources about church planting in recent years. A quick Google search has many links that’ll get you started. 3 of my favorites are + + .

As you can see, there’s lots of information online. The best place you’ll want to be is the Exponenential Conference, April 19-22, 2010, in Orlando. This is the biggest gathering of church planters and church multiplication organizations that can give you the support, coaching, and launching pad for church planting — more resources than you can count!
2010 National New Church Conference
Todd Rhoades has been counting up the many reasons to be at Exponential — here’s a sample :
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Sep 232009

In tonight’s class about multi-site churches, I mentioned a number of resources ::

Back story :: my pastor friend Ray Chang (Day 1 video) is in Taiwan on a vision trip with Ed Stetzer. Ray’s teaching a church planting couse at Talbot Seminary this semester. He graciously invited me to substitute-teach his class tonight for 3 hours. I didn’t think I could use that much time, and turns out, we did. Lively discussion ensued after I gave an overview of what a multi-site church is, 5 basic models, and examples of what it looks like. We explored why a church would use a multi-site strategy, how it could complement (or compete with) a church planting strategy, and ended the evening talking about internet campuses.

And, I see that there’s a new interview video of Ray Chang by Ed Stetzer about second generation Asian Americans and God’s global mission.

I hope the conversations can continue — add a comment below.