Feb 252011

Yes there’s more to be said about the importance of vision. DJ Chuang Ed Choy In episode 3 of the Multi-Asian Church Podcast Series, Ed Choy and I dig deeper into how to communicate compelling vision in multi-Asian/multi-ethnic churches. While the gifts of a strong communicator is valuable, it isn’t the magic bullet in getting vision to stick. We discuss several other factors in developing vision, developing leaders, and developing the church. And I even mention a couple of specific examples, venturing into dangerous territory there because that can open up more room for misunderstanding, as if we haven’t done that already.

Episode #3: Vision Revisited
(18:03; mp3 download link 8.7mb)

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Jul 292010

Meeting with a pastor today who is entering a new season of ministry to plant a next gen multiethnic church in the Westminster aka Little Saigon area of Orange County. (Aside: there’s 3 other comparable ones in proximity of that: Converge Family Church, ReGeneration Church, Redemption Point [blog]; and there’s so many to reach there, so it’s encouraging to see these startups).

I’m recommending and gifting these books to him as valuable resources, even more so than our little meetup and conversation today:

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