Oct 052012

The reputation of Christians in mainstream culture, both in America and many parts of the world, is less than spectacular. The top 6 perceptions of Christians are (according to extensive research published in Unchristian by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons, via survey data of outsiders ages 16-29): antihomosexual, judgmental, hypocritical, sheltered (old-fashioned, out of touch with reality), too political, and proselytizers (insensitive to others, not genuine). That is bad news. That must change.

I talked with Dr. Paul Louis Metzger (twitter @paulouismetzger) about this topic and you can hear about his new book, Connecting Christ, that proposes a change of mindset, a new model of apologetics called relational-incarnational. And I asked him to respond about how to better relate with Mormons and Muslims, for which it is much needed in times like these. Watch the video >>

My review posted on amazon.com :: “Metzger introduces a new approach to Christian witness called the relational-incarnational apologetics. In an articulate academic yet personally sincere manner, the book engages eight notable faith traditions: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism, Mormonism, Atheism, and Neo-Paganism. The author carefully and sympatheically explains how people from different faiths hold their beliefs and values. When the Bible calls Christians to love our neighbors, that includes people of other religions because they too are created in the image of God. For the church to be more effective in a pluralistic world, this book helps church leaders to understand both our differences and our common humanity so that respectful conversations can open opportunities for friendship and evangelism.”

Mar 252011

Thanks to Mark DeYmaz and Toginet Radio, Laurence “abcpastor” Tom and I were on The Multiethnic Church radio show yesterday. The show was recorded live, and we discussed about all kinds of issues related to how Asian Americans are connecting with the multiethnic church at large. Listen here (mp3):

I’d love to continue the conversation here — add a comment below — and also in person at the Multiethnic Church Pre-Conference @ Exponential this April 26-29 in sunny Orlando, Florida. Let’s talk live over lunch (if it helps, lunch is on me.)

Subscribe to the podcast of the Multiethnic Church radio show to listen to past shows and listen live on Thursdays at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT. It’s a live call-in show, too, so dial-in with your comments and questions.

Jun 292010

Kenny Jahng launched Godvertiser.com a couple years ago, with a heart to serve the typical small to medium-sized church to be more effective online. He’s become a virtual friend over the past year as we’ve connected over Twitter and Tokbox; (one of these days we’ll meet offline and in person.) Here’s the video interview with Kenny talking about what @Godvertiser is doing:

One of the first basic things is to have a church website that people can easily find on a search engine like Google. You can get a FREE church website audit and check out Tweepback.com for a custom mosaic of your Twitter followers or followings.

[update: unfortunately, wetoku.com went dark and offline in Q1 2011, so this video interview is gone too]

Jun 022010

Caught up with a friend I’ve known for 15 years and she’s recently getting (really) into social media. Imei Hsu is starting up a couple of new things up there in Seattle, and she shares about them with you and me on this wetoku-powered interview video:

Imei Hsu is a performing arts of the dancer variety via hipsforhire.com | @hipsforhire | hipsforhire.blogspot.com, bellydancing to be more specific, and also a registered nurse, and also a psychotherapist counselor via seattledirectcounseling.com. You can also find her in the social media world at ustream.tv/channel/video-nurse | @VideoNurse | youtube.com/yourlilchinagirl. Yes, she gave a shout out to @chrispirillo.
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May 212010

Professor Daniel Wong at Tyndale Seminary recently presented at a workshop on “The Art of Preaching in Asian American Settings” and I talked with him about his insights about the distinctives of Asian American preaching. Watch the video:

On his web page at www.tyndale.ca/~dwong/viewpage.php?pid=32, Professor Wong shares his workshop outline, recommended books, and links to a PreachingToday.com article by Matthew D. Kim titled “Asian American Preaching.” Click over and add a comment to continue the conversation.

[update] ISAAC has posted a report and downloads from the Art of Preaching in Asian American Settings workshop.

Apr 262010

While at Exponential Conference in Orlando, Charles Lee set me up and interviewed me about turning ideas into reality. This video has a few of my top-of-mind thoughts:

The executive summary: share your idea with others who can help. Go ahead and take the next step with your idea. Let’s not worry about how to protect an idea — share it freely for the good of the world.

Dec 162009

The national missional church conference is less than 2 months away — the Verge Conference in Austin, Texas, February 4-6, 2010.

The roster of speakers who’ll be there keeps growing: Francis Chan, Matt Carter, Alan Hirsch, Dave Ferguson, Dave Gibbons, Neil Cole, John Burke, Hugh Halter, Ed Stezer, George Patterson, Jeff Vanderstelt, David Watson, David Garrison, Joey Shaw & Ryan King, David Putman & Shawn Lovejoy, Charles Lee, Caesar Kalinowski, Jon Ferguson, Tony & Felicity Dale, Mark DeYmaz, Kevin Peck, Todd Engstrom, Michael ‘Stew’ Stewart, Jason Kovacs, Justin Lopez, Kern White …

And the Social Media Team will keep all of us in the conversations both online and on-site: Jonathan Dodson, Vince Marotte, Chris Marlow, Brad Brisco, Charles Wear, Kent Shaffer, Milfred Minatrea, Steve McCoy, Jonathan McIntosh, Andrew Jones, Bill Kinnon, David Park, and me. There’s also a Verge team blog at verge.posterous.com

rss-buttonThe podcast of audio interviews with select speakers is being rolled out now. Interviews with Dave Gibbons and David Garrison are online already. More to come. Subscribe to the podcast feed in RSS format or in iTunes.

Dave Gibbons, pastor of NewSong Church ::

David Garrison, missionary pioneer and missions leader ::

Plus, listen to my interview with Michael Stewart (one of the Verge organizers at the Austin Stone Community Church)

And one more thing. I’ll be there in Austin, so get registered and we can meetup. A little birdie has even mentioned a tweetup is in the works.

Nov 192009

Where have all the mentors gone? It saddened me to hear that Kyle Reed asked a dozen people to be his mentor, and to be turned down and rejected. What’s up with that?

Watch this interview to hear what Kyle wants to do to change this situation:

Kyle (on twitter @kylelreed) may very well be right, if a young person can’t find a mentor in their church for the Kingdom of God, they’ll find one elsewhere outside the church. So, add your comment below and get this conversation going!