How to raise up minority leaders 14

Asian and Latino. Techie and Non-techie. Conference junkie and conference rock star. DJ Chuang and Rudy Carrasco. We’ve been friends online and offline. Now we’re thousands of miles apart. Web technology has kept us connected. And one of the burning issues we often banter about is raising up minority leaders. […]

accounting and database software for small churches? 9

I’ve heard through the electronic grapevine about a software under development, specifically to provide administrative support that are unique to a smaller church context. Someone on the development team described it this way: My group is currently developing an accounting and database software for small churches (less than 200). It […]

Emotional maturity and stages of development 8

Continuing the series on “Developing emotional maturity – part 7 of many”. [cf. part 1: what is emotional maturity? part 2: how to develop emotional maturity; part 3: spiritual maturity; part 4: emotional intelligence; part 5: emotional immaturity; part 6: depression] The analogy that I’ve been kicking around in my […]

5 ways to develop leaders 11

Leadership is big business. There’s over 3,200 products tagged “leadership” on This leadership industry of selling goods and services shows there’s tons of interest in leadership development amidst organizations of all kinds: government, business, corporations, non-profits, ministries, churches, et al. Since leadership development has become a big part of […]