Jun 292010

Kenny Jahng launched Godvertiser.com a couple years ago, with a heart to serve the typical small to medium-sized church to be more effective online. He’s become a virtual friend over the past year as we’ve connected over Twitter and Tokbox; (one of these days we’ll meet offline and in person.) Here’s the video interview with Kenny talking about what @Godvertiser is doing:

One of the first basic things is to have a church website that people can easily find on a search engine like Google. You can get a FREE church website audit and check out Tweepback.com for a custom mosaic of your Twitter followers or followings.

[update: unfortunately, wetoku.com went dark and offline in Q1 2011, so this video interview is gone too]

Nov 192009

Where have all the mentors gone? It saddened me to hear that Kyle Reed asked a dozen people to be his mentor, and to be turned down and rejected. What’s up with that?

Watch this interview to hear what Kyle wants to do to change this situation:

Kyle (on twitter @kylelreed) may very well be right, if a young person can’t find a mentor in their church for the Kingdom of God, they’ll find one elsewhere outside the church. So, add your comment below and get this conversation going!

Nov 052009

Asian and Latino. Techie and Non-techie. Conference junkie and conference rock star. DJ Chuang and Rudy Carrasco. We’ve been friends online and offline. Now we’re thousands of miles apart. Web technology has kept us connected.

And one of the burning issues we often banter about is raising up minority leaders. People and organizations say they want to collaborate and have more diversity in their leadership, but it’s so hard to find qualified leaders to work with. Why is that?

We had a conversation about that in this wetoku-powered video. Watch it:

I have a feeling this is just the start of an on-going conversation. There are other issues, factors, challenges. On both sides of the aisle – those in the majority and those in the minority, racially and ethnically speaking. Chime in with a comment.

Sep 252009

In this video conversation with Becky Knight, a sexologist and sex educator in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, we breach an often uncomfortable topic, “Why talking about sex is so hard?” Her website is www.livingsexuality.com and she twitters at twitter.com/livingsexuality

There you have it. Sounded to me like just do it, and start the conversation. No magical how-to. How have you talked about this subject with your peers? Your children?

Sep 142009

Beginning to find an up-tick of more people using wetoku.com — a very easy-to-use web app to record video interviews. (e.g. @jdblundell, @marcpayan, @decart w/ @charlestlee about Idea Camp Portland …)

Here are 3 good tips for how to do an interview well from 2 veteran radio interviewers:

  1. Listen to who you’re interviewing
  2. Don’t ask a question and then give an answer
  3. Give time to answer

[Parental advisory:: 1 example mentioned in this video may be too much for the easily offended]

Video via How to do a good interview with @docrock & @LanaitheDJ and linked at wetoku blog. And there was 100 invites to private-beta wetoku over there for the takin’.

[update: unfortunately, wetoku.com went dark and offline in Q1 2011, so this video interview is gone too]

Sep 072009

[update 4/2013] Flamingo Road Church is now Potential Church and their internet campus is now at live.potentialchurch.com, and wetoku is gone and so is this video

Talked with Ileana Ortiz from Flamingo Road Church via wetoku. You probably know her better as @countrycuban — that’s how I best know her too. She is the new Director of Online Community and works with the Internet Campus of Flamingo Road Church. As you’ll see and hear when you watch the video interview, @countrycuban has a lot of energy and passion for connecting with people using social media on the interwebs. (aside: Not sure who coined the term interwebs, but I’m beginning to hear it used more and more.)

Thrilled to hear of @countrycuban‘s new job and how they’re fearlessly trying all kinds of things to help people reach their potential. To join in on Flamingo Road Church’s new stereo sound, go to frclive.tv this weekend !

Do you have any questions for @countrycuban ? Add a comment below and I’ll make sure she stops by to answer.

Sep 032009

Being on vacation, I’ve resisted making plans — I find planning to be drudgery work. So I’ve been quite spontaneous, even though that makes it hard to sync up with others who aren’t able to be spontaneous with me at the same time. Nevertheless…

Got to connect with Mary Beth Stockdale on this wetoku video chat interview today. We talked about her experience in being a part of a community with the LifeChurch.tv online church, and how online relationships are just as real as their offline counterparts.

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Sep 022009

My 2nd wetoku interview of the day. And this turned out to be Michael Trent‘s 2nd wetoku interview too.

In this video, we find out how Michael became the infamous @churchbartender and why he didn’t quite make it to The Idea Camp DC Edition in person, though he did participate with The Idea Camp via the internet. We really need to find better language than “in real life”, because people did participate online in real life, even though they weren’t physically in the same room.

To make good on the title of this blog post, I used the brand-new private-beta web app called wetoku at wetoku.com and conducted this video chat there. The web app automatically records the chat, and provides the embed code that you can copy & paste into your blog or website. Very very handy! No need to download and install extra software. No need for post-production.

This kind of web app is something I’ve been searching for for months. So glad someone was able to put it all together! Thank you wetoku!

[update: unfortunately, wetoku.com went dark and offline in Q1 2011, so this video interview is gone too]