Jun 252010

Next Tuesday, June 29th, I’ll be a part of 2 free webinars! Join me for the one that fits your schedule better.

m2liveAt 8:30am Pacific / 11:30am Eastern, it’s the M2LIVE webinar on How to Champion Web Ministry in Your Church. This is a discussion-driven webinar, hosted by the M2Live duo of Sean McAtee and Matt Carlisle. Just go to www.m2live.org/live and you’ll watch the live video and text into the chat room — powered by MediaSocial. (No prior registration required.) [update: watch recorded webinar]

At 2:00pm Pacific/ 5:00pm Eastern, Worship Leader magazine’s Tech Steward Tuesday webinar series continues, with “Is it safe to be on Facebook?” This 30-minute webinar will kick off with an update on Facebook privacy matters affecting 400+ million active users and then I’ll respond to your questions and comments. Free registration required.

May 292010

Get your technology questions answered on a live chat-in talk show in the coming weeks. This live webinar is hosted by me, DJ Chuang, and I’ll take your questions during the Tuesday webinars as well as any time before one. The webinar series are free with registration. Here’s more details about the first show:

Session Title: Tech Steward Tuesday: What is the stewardship of technology?
Session Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Starting Time: 2:00pm Pacific Time | 4:00pm Central | 5:00pm Eastern

Not every church has to Twitter and use every new media technology. How do you know which ones your church should use or not?

Join this 30 minute special preview of the Pre-Conference topic–Stewarding Technology in a Service of Worship–at all three of this year’s National Worship Leader Conference. This series is designed as a talk show, where DJ Chuang, network developer at Worship Leader magazine, will be discussing different topics and answer your questions about church and technology.

This Tuesday, DJ will be addressing the question, “What is the stewardship of technology?” Join the FREE chat-only webinar to explore how your church should be stewarding technology in the service of worship.

Starts Tuesday, but space is limited! Sign up here: bit.ly/techstewardfree [or goto
direct link to registration]

Future webinar dates will be:

  • June 8th
  • June 22nd
  • June 29th
  • July 6th
  • July 13th

[aside: I know this is happening right after Memorial Day weekend, but we were so eager to get this going! I hope this webinar will be a good break during your catch-up day on Tuesday.]

Aug 112009

There are few places where followers of Christ can gather and thoughtfully reflect the impact of new media (internet, web, social media, and all that jazz). There used to be the Internet Ministry Conference, and used to be GodBlogCon.

Now there is Christian Web Conference! It’s happening just a month away, September 11-12, at Biola University. (That’s the Los Angeles area, for those of you considering travelling in from afar.) Here’s how the conference is describe itself:

Christian Web Conference is dedicated to fostering fellowship and establishing real life communities among Christians employing web 2.0 technologies to christianly influence the world. The power and appeal of web media technologies is vast. These technologies provide Christians with a new set of Great Commission opportunities.

And how they’re looking to do that:
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Sep 262008

Spending the day at ChurchTechCamp; see the live streaming video, chat room, live tweets, and live blogging >>

Here’s a quick video scanning the #churchtechcamp audience

Search for hashtag #churchtechcamp for multiple simultaneous voices; follow me at twitter.com/djchuang for mine

This afternoon about 1:30ish (Pacific) I’ll kick off a discussion / conversation about whether blogging still matters, with these articles as a starting point:

[update] open wiki at churchtechcamp.wetpaint.com for list of participants + sites mentioned + #churchtechcamp gets mention at official Twitter blog (!)

Sep 172008

Church TechCamp is set for next Friday, September 26th, at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. It’s an unconference for followers of Christ to talk about web technologies and the church; it’s an all-day participant-driven gathering. There’s a a website at churchtechcamp.com, a FaceBook event page, an editable agenda wiki, blog, and online registration. Very eco-friendly.

I think with short notice on this 1st go around, it’s sorta like an alpha launch and most participants will be local to Los Angeles / Orange County / Southern California. It’ll be great to hang out with old and new web friends. (I like that term more than virtual friends or people I’ve met online but never met in person.) I’ll be there. Hope you will too — someone will probably bring a webcam to live stream video for some (or all?) all of the gathering.

Unconferences are like those other conferences with presenters and attendees, but $0 registration, i.e. free, and a more dynamic unstructured environment where you can have more conversations with presenters and attendees, less bells & whistles production, and everyone can give a little (or a lot). The content is comparatively less polished & less recycled, but it may well be more valuable because of the collective wisdom of the crowds. An unconference is what the participants make of it; contrast that with a paid conference that’s what the producers make of it. I like it, like it a lot.
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Sep 102007

Live from Dallas, Leadership Network launches a new blog on technology and church at digital.leadnet.org ! We’ve rallied together an enthusiastic team of contributors who will talk about everything from websites, social networking, mobile phone devices, podcasting, wiki, and more! (Read the back story here.) We are aiming to unpack the technical jargon and gobblygook so that non-techies and church leaders can better understand how various digital technologies can be used in the church to connect its members and attenders as well as reach its surrounding communities and even the world.

Please spread the word via word of mouth and word of mouse!

What I’m realizing is that there’s this big divide between normal people and techies (aka geeks) like myself. (Yes, learning to embrace my geekiness.) So while we all use email and some of us use IM or txt messaging, most normal people are just beginning to get their way around a word processor or sending emails. So when other technologies that have been made available to the masses like wiki, blogging, and podcasting, many people don’t know what to do with any of that. It’s like the trite joke of trying to set the clock on a VCR that still blinks 12:00. And I know there are other great blogs out there that do talk about technology and church, so I hope that with increased chatter and buzz about this area, we’ll see more awareness and understanding, and that decision makers will be more comfortable and unleash their church’s potential in using the tools of technology better and more effectively.