Owning the Vision: Multi-Asian Church Podcast Episode 6 2

Adding to the discussion about leadership development, in this episode of the Multi-Asian Church Podcast Series, Ed Choy and I talk about owning the vision of an multi-Asian/multi-ethnic churches. Episode #6: Owning the Vision (18:44; mp3 download link 8.9mb) Show notes: Let’s meet at the Exponential Conference in Orlando, April […]

Let’s get missional, missional… 10

Missional communities are the conversations du jour among church leaders, escalating during the past few years. Now there are gatherings (conferences) that revolve around how we can be more missional. (Several local and regional gatherings have already happened, though I haven’t been counting.) A regional (free) unconference about missional churches […]

craigslist online community

craigslist: washington, DC online community a grass roots online community to share about events and jobs and needs of the community, very authentic, not a corporate feel; craigslist is indexing many cities, first started in San Fran