Jun 281999

monday morning.. no fun.. just got a natural keyboard here at the console at my second job.. it’s sorta nice, i feel less strain on my wrists from using it.. wanted to comment on this dreambook thing, seems to be pretty reliable, but the timestamp on this thing is out of whack.. it’s supposed to be pacific time, even tho’ i’m here on the east coast, but looking at the timestamp, it doesn’t look particularly accurate.. so even tho’ i’m writing this on break, you can’t really tell when this was written.. speaking of whacked, got IM’d by an ol’ friend from my previous church youth group, whose nickname is whackedrus, now in college, and part of a worship band on the drums(!!), and he’s in the metro DC area for the summer, so we hope to get together and hang out a bit.. this morning, found out from the Ooze about a new pomo church soon to start in this area… called DC Vineyard.. look forward to see what God will do among the innovators.. oh yeah, those of you keeping up with the saga of my car that exploded.. contacted the mechanic in Lexington this morn’, and I’m getting a consolation $100 for the car remains. I wasn’t up to haggling, hate that stuff, so I’m turning it over this week.

Jun 261999

we pronounced the car DOA after taking it to the a local mechanic in Lexington, and they saw oil mixed with coolant in the engine, and potentially the engine block, head gasket, pistons, and other things may have been damaged by the overheating, and it was $750 just to open the engine up to start working on the process of isolating the root symptom, plus all the other $$$ to fix the things that’ve broken down, including the radiator fans, heating core, heat sensor, and possibly the radiator itself.. we had bought the ’90 Mits used in ’95, and had accumulated 130k miles on it.. we collected our personal belongings, got a rental car, and returned to Virginia last night. The time at the conf was pinnacled by sitting in on a seminar by Leonard Sweet, who is the premiere person who has his hand on the pulse of the 21st century, and with an upcoming trilogy of books to explain just some of the tumultuous changes that are striking America and the world; and as a result of the seminar, we’ve discovered that I’m a cyborg…

road trip gone wrong

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Jun 241999

Unbelievable turn of events.. here we are, on the road from northern Virginia to Lexington Kentucky, to attend a pastor’s conference, and we’re on our way, over the mountains of West Virginia, and it was a little too much for my ol’ 1990 Mitsubishi Mirage. It started with an explosion of smoke inside of the car, and out of the blue, our heat guage was pegged to red hot. We waited by the side of the road, nobody pulled over to help. Two of us decided to get water, we got some water (hopping over barbed wire, using scrap plastic bottles: who said trash was useless), slowly chugged down the road.. we see water leaking into the interior floorboard on the driver’s side.. we eventually get it to go about 10 miles further down the road to a mechanic in Olive Hill, and we happen(!) to get there before they close.. he bypassed the heating core.. we get a refill of antifreeze.. then we’re on the way.. and about 15 minutes down the road, the engine heat guage is dancing its way up.. it’s overheating, again.. we pull out off a rest stop.. we get more water, the radiator looked dry.. and we work our way to the next exit.. and a mechanic on a motorcycle walks by, helps us bypass the heat sensors for the radiator fans- which were not running.. so it looks like we’re okay, right? Well….. not out of the woods yet, we barely make it to Lexington, get registered for our conference, while we give time for the car to cool.. and then eventually get to the motel, and we’re still looking for the root cause of all these terrible symptoms. God sovereignly put some right people along the way, to keep us going, but we’re not out of the woods yet..

go west young man

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Jun 231999

And in just a few minutes, we’ll (my church’s pastoral staff, of which I am a part) be embarking on a trip to Kentucky, for our denomination’s annual national conference. It’s about a 9-hour drive each way, and we’ll be going through West Virginia.. I get the feeling that the “free church” as it is called in the common venacular, will be like many denominations, seeking insights into ministering to the next generation. This is not only pivotal for churches as institutions, but for most organizations that have been established by our predecessors. It will be a great adventure of a lifetime, as we are part of the journey to seeing how the grace and truth of God will take root in us, those of us who are 20s-30s. Some of us are quite serious about life, and independently thinking and equipped to do some incredible things…

getting into web code

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Jun 211999

finally got around to fixin’ up my web page at xoom.com; i have read about how ”ugly” the xoombar is, but for unlimited web space, it’s a small sacrifice. and for me, it beats the pop-up banner ads and stuff like that.. i’ve mostly done web design with netscape composer (since netscape gold days) b/c i like the wysiwyg interface, tho’ i can’t tailor the code as much as i’d like, but now that i’m getting more into web design at my 2nd job (at at&t), i’m using notepad and text editors like many others to get into the html code.. my frustration tonight was finding out that i couldn’t just define a font face for the entire page, at least not for netscape’s satisfaction.. so here’s a little more on what’s enticed me.. seeing other journal entries on other personal pages, and i’m thinking to myself.. how could i do it without having to do html coding and formatting and all that junk.. so it dawned on me, i could use an online guestbook, which can be customized for the most part, and have built in formatting and timestamp. well, there you have it, maybe i’ll start a new web revolution.. hey, this kind of things is how trends get set. just remember, you saw it here first- using a guestbook for personal journal entries

an online journey

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Jun 211999

I don’t know how they do it, but here’s how I’m going to do it :) There is a slow growth in the number of personal web pages, most of them big on the cheeze factor, but some of them are very cool, borderline on eye candy status. One of the interesting features is personal journals, where the guy or gal shares his/her rantings and ravings and chatty stories of what’s happening in their life. But this one will be different. This one will have an edge. This one will be reflective and substantive. Not too much fluff here, and if you go away more than merely entertained, you will find yourself thinking, intrigued, and occasionally gain a new insight. Email me and join the conversation…