moving without a moving truck

We’ve been packing like mad. I didn’t think it’d be too interesting to talk about our packing play by play. Besides, to blog about our packing would have taken away time from packing. The most interesting part of the packing for this move is that we are moving without a moving truck! We’ve sold off our furniture and 2nd car, we’ve donated lots of stuff, trashed lots of stuff, and are down to a few more boxes needing final consolidating and downsizing, so all our worldly possessions can fit into a Nissan Xterra for the cross country drive beginning tomorrow. (Well, we did have to ship a dozen boxes ahead of us; is that cheating?)

We do think it can be more interesting to read about our driving cross country play by play (sorta), and we’re working on getting some equipment so we can lifestream (broadcast) our drive. Soon as that arrives, we’re expecting it today, we’ll announce how we’ll do all of that.

We do want to thank all the great supporters who’ve chipped in to defray our moving costs! Thank you!! We were pleasantly surprised to see our goal exceeded so quickly! Not only do we have more than a handful of online contributors, we’ve also received a handful of offline gifts from people in person, and a gas gift card from an enthusiastic Californian looking forward to our relocation.

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