Help our cross country move and help cover a part of our cross country drive’s moving costs. Sponsorship opportunities include: cell phone with internet plan, overnight stay at 3+ star hotels, meals at restaurants, car-wrap advertising, or GPS navigation equipment. Contact me to begin the negotiations now!

Or, just chip in to help defray general moving costs (including gas, food, hotel)! Just click on the “ChipIn” button and make your donation using PayPal (Visa/MC/Amex).

Total collected to date (as of 6/12/07) = $640.00

Special thanks to those who’ve pitched in for the Chuang’s cross country move::

According to the AAA Fuel Cost Calculator, if we drove our 2006 Nisssan Xterra straight through from Washington DC to Los Angeles, the estimated cost for gasoline alone would be:

One-Way Trip: 2,640 Miles
125.71 Gallons Used
$409.35 Fuel Cost

I’m doubtful that will be enough to cover gas costs, so let’s round it up to $500 as a goal for helping to cover gas + food + hotel costs. Fair enough? (we’ll be posting our expenses via some kind of accounting mechanism here, so you can see the tally of actual costs incurred.)

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