Moving from DC to OC

We are moving from the metro Washington DC area to Orange County, California, this June (2007)! You can follow along here at this blog / website. We hope to post videos, audios, photos, and journal blog entries here to tell our stories and adventures. We invite you to ride along with us, and make this a fun and interactive time. Plus, we’re looking for sponsors so we can provide more live updates, instead of just occasional updates:

Here’s the sponsorship opportunities for you to pass along to a connection you might have, in order of priority:

  1. cell phone with internet plan to blog, to send photos and to post video – to share this ultimate road warrior experience, I’d like to make blog posts while going 65 mph, upload photos and videos right from the phone, even host chat hours via IM
  2. overnight stay at 3+ star hotels – candid reviews posted for free, but raving positive reviews + photos + links can be had for a comp stay
  3. meals at restaurants – candid reviews posted for free, but raving positive reviews + photos + links can be posted for meals on-the-house
  4. car-wrap advertising on a 2006 Nissan Xterra – yes, we’ll drive cross-country with your full-car ad
  5. bonus: GPS navigation equipment — for driving directions and more, we’ll talk it up as we use it all the way across the country

We’ll be taking the southern route through the following cities: Washington DC, Blacksburg, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, Dallas, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and end at Huntington Beach. We anticipate the leisurely drive to take at least 14 days. All sponsorship terms negotiable. Small detours from main route are negotiable. Sponsors get appropriate links and prominent exposure. I reserve the right to select the sponsors (or refuse). Contact me to begin the negotiations now!

The adventure begins on June 16th!

6 thoughts on “Moving from DC to OC

  1. DJ you crack me up. I love you man!

    A modern day “Truman Show” being lived out before our very eyes. How about a corporate sponsor like Goodyear to cover flat tires along the way?

  2. Liz, this is not a job move (b/c my L2 Foundation / Leadership Network job can be done almost anywhere), this is a family move. My dear wifey is from Orange County, California, and she likes her weather sunny 70’s year-round. Maybe I’ll write more about “why” in a future post, once we get on the road and have more time on our hands.

    Scott, love you too man, thanks for the comment, and keeping you in our prayers. We’re definitely looking for those corporate sponsors, but haven’t snagged one yet to cover almost anything that would affect our cross-country drive. If you know someone at Michelin or Goodyear, please have them contact us! 🙂

  3. Check out the BBQ trail while in NC –

    “Criteria for selection to the NCBS Historic Barbecue Trail included, among other things, that the NCBS Historic Barbecue Pit cook their meat product on pits fueled by wood or charcoal, make their own sauce, that the pit had operated continuously for fifteen or more years, that the end product was a good offering and representative of North Carolina Barbecue and that the pit had earned and enjoyed the high esteem of its community, the barbecue industry and barbecue aficionados.”

  4. I can see some advantages to downsizing. I imagine to lug stuff that you can purchase in California can be quite expensive. We don’t actually need that much do we?

    Have a safe trip and God Bless You!!!

  5. love the collage and the collage video! look forward to more updates – how fun!

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