We had been livestreaming (broadcasting) from our Xterra during the cross country drive, but internet connectivity has been mostly intermittent. We had hoped to stream 2-3 hours per day. Scheduled times will likely be 11:00am Eastern / 10:00am Central / 8:00am Pacific time and at 2:00pm Eastern/ 1:00pm Central / 11:00am Pacific time.

Click through to the SHOW page to watch this live video with chat room — so you can chat with us while we’re on the road! (Java applet required)

[update]: well, we tried livestreaming on the beat, but with our driving through many interstate roads between cities, mobile Internet coverage is not very strong, and we probably will not be able to keep a consistent schedule for broadcasting. So, what we’ll do is broadcast whenever we can get a decent connection.

Here are videos captured during the trip:

6/21/07:: a time-lapse video of driving (a portion of) southbound on I-85 from Charlotte to Atlanta —

6/19/07:: This time-lapse video shows what it looks like to drive south along the Shenandoah Valley.

6/18/07:: this video gives you a behind-the-scene the-making-of this limited edition “collage of the day” series —

6/15/07:: This video gives you a quick glimpse at how much of our worldly possession was crammed into our family vehicle:

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