packed to go

Yesterday we took a family excursion with 2 of Jeremiah’s childhood friends to Six Flags America for one wet & fun farewell — they spent most of the day at the water park part. They’ve known each other since they were 3 year old when they went to the same day care.

Jeremiah and friends

This morning we packed our final bags and boxes, cleaned up the house, and we loaded up our Xterra for the start of our road trip adventure! It all miraculously fit into the Xterra, with the extra space courtesy of the soft carrier case strapped on top. This video gives you a quick glimpse at how much of our worldly possession was crammed into our family vehicle.

fill er up with lunch first before we hit the road We’re scheduled for dinner in Winchester, Virginia, tonight, and stay over tomorrow for Father’s Day with my Dad (DJ’s). My parents have been proprietors of Tourist City Motel, a small boutique motel inside of Winchester city limits, located conveniently off of I-81 and US-50/Rt-522 at 214 Millwood Avenue, Winchester, VA 22601 (phone 540-662-9011). As my Dad says, it’s “a nice place for nice people.” Mention you saw the motel mentioned here when you check-in — it’ll bring a smile to my Dad’s face.

And from there, we’ll take the extra breathing room to plot out some more detail on our travel route with ETAs (estimated time of arrivals). We anticipate meeting many people along the way– perhaps even you, if you’re reading from Winchester, Blacksburg, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, Little Rock, Dallas, Amarillo, Santa Fe, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, or Orange County. Add a comment, would enjoy meetin’ up over coffee or a meal!

3 thoughts on “packed to go

  1. DJ, have a fun and safe road trip! I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers.

    I will be in Las Vegas from June 29 – July 1st. Then OC on July 12-20th.

  2. DJ! we are going to miss you guys so much. I am so glad we’ll be able to keep in touch always – and follow your move as well. We’d love to come out and visit you guys sometime 🙂 we’re thinking and praying for you.

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