Tangerine is the color of the day

Rachelle: We took Father’s Day off to rest and relax. Today I am mentally and emotionally starting the move, but I need a little sugar to get in the mood :). We’re sitting at the new Winchester Starbucks, munching on the new Key Lime cake and sipping an Orange Crème frapp that matches Jeremiah’s outfit. The whipped cream is perfectly swirled with orange drizzle. Jeremiah has his big island orange tie-dye shirt and Dj has his orange sushi lovers shirt and orange crocs. I still think he looks like he has duck feet with them on (I warned him about the color).

Today I will start my cross-country collage. I’ll be making a collage every day during our cross country move road trip!

Collage of the Day 1: Tangerine

COLOR OF THE DAY: Tangerine orange (Dj and Jeremiah are in orange today and tangerine is the color of my Orange Crème frap)

To share this experience with you, this video online gives you a behind-the-scene the-making-of this limited edition “collage of the day” series —

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