When Dementia Rules the Roost

Last Thursday, we closed the pages on the short chapter of having P&G stay in assisted living. It was a commendable effort that they tried it out for almost 2 weeks (for the record, moved in on 12/28 and moved out on 1/08). It took a lot more effort to get the furniture ready, moved in, and then moved back out.

With elderly caregiving, the free will of decisions made by the elderly has to be respected and honored. We cannot force anyone to do something against their will. And it is quite debatable how wise decisions are being made. Can good decisions be made based on feelings and faith alone?

In short, they’ve don’t like staying there, even though everything is prepared and ready for them—room & board, cooking, cleaning, sheets & towels, social activities, personal assistance at the touch of a button. They like staying at home better, where they’ve had years of routine and comfortable experiences. Yes, people generally do like the cozy home feeling of home sweet home. But things change when our body and mind ages; and some adjustments do have to be made for the sake of safety, sanity, and well-being. It’s not uncommon for some elderly people to resist changes of any kind. Actually, not uncommon for some people of any age to resist changes.

Now that they’re back home in a 2-story house, please join us in prayer for their safety and coming to understand that changes are required for their short-term and long-term safety, health, and well-being. Yes can pray for their protection. But maybe some pain will happen before change comes. Lord have mercy.

And for the rest of us, a handful of relatives that cannot intervene, please pray for our collective wisdom on navigating this whole situation, for the elderly’s cooperation and their finances. And for the weary ones burnt out, please pray for a healthy recovery process that we’re anticipating to be 3 to 6 months.