Making Life More Harder

Now the stress has taken more toll on R, as she got this challenging news about her decline in health. Here’s her own words—

“Unfortunately I have received some news out of the blue. I’ve enjoyed relatively good health for 52 years. Yesterday I was officially diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My blood pressure has been under control but have high cholesterol. I’ve had normal blood sugar but now it is off the roof. This just recently changed. I believe this is due to the stress of Covid and my parents. I am in total shock about this news and am now adjusting diet and taking a lot of meds. Thanks for letting me share this medical news so honestly.”

This is in addition to her having high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Now there’s high blood sugar. Some of you may have 1 or more of these conditions too, and they’re supposedly manageable. R would appreciate your prayers, and your encouraging words if you have life with diabetes too.