How can you help?

Thank you for being kind, generous, and supportive for Rachelle during this time. Many have offered to help, with words like “Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.”

For some people, they don’t know how to respond to that, since they’re unaware of what they need, or don’t like to ask for help, or don’t want to impose on others.

So I can share with you 3 things that would be helpful for Rachelle and well-received:

  • Handwritten notes. In our digital lives, she much prefers the analog, the print, even cursive. She loves paper and letterpress too. You can scan it as an image and email to [email protected] or snail mail it to: 48 Meridian Dr., Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.
  • Gifts with bright colors. Rachelle is a very creative artist (voted most creative in high school, if I remember correctly), and bright bold colors thrill her (not pastels or greys.) Flowers and candles are awesome; creative gifts beyond that even better.
  • Food and restaurant gift cards. Grubhub or Uber Eats are best. Yes, food is very comforting. Gift cards make it easier (efficiency is a high value for her) so she can choose what, when, and where to eat.

For now, she’s not ready to receive calls or visits. When she is, you’ll be the first to know.

I’m grateful that I’m doing well, so far. I’m in a good and health season, as support Rachelle through this. If you’d like to send an encouragement to me, what’d help me the most is a phone call. My # is 949-243-7260.

Thank you again for your love and care, prayer and support.

// personal update: we’re advising Rachelle to do one thing a day, so she can focus her energy on resting and healing, with no planning and no responsibilities.