15 More Weeks of Prayer Blogging

What else can I say, God? This is my half way point of blogging my prayer and typing them out. When I make the time for this conversation with you, I believe it is a good thing, it’s good for my soul.

I was going to say I know instead of I believe. I know that, is just another way of saying that, I believe that. So there are different senses of that word know.

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You Can Pray by Writing to God

Was cleaning up my old journal entries in my digital notebook (migrating them from Evernote to Bear). I came upon this typed-out prayer from March 4, 2012 that I wrote and typed, as a prayer, in my journal.

There’s a biblical precedence for recording prayers. It’s there in the New Testament; I think of the good one in Ephesians 3 There are prayers recorded in the Old Testament too; for that part of the Bible, I think of Nehemiah 1. (Just to be clear, I’m not writing the Bible. That was already done many years ago when the canon was completed.)

Here’s my prayer from 2012 in its entirety, with minor edits for typos and anonymizing personal info, though I kept the lower-case i, since that shows how I typed it.

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