Believing is Seeing. We got it backwards.

Prayer: I confess that I’m a better starter than I am a finisher. As I’m turning the corner, as I’m just past the halfway point of this prayer blog project, I can tell, and you can probably tell, that I am losing momentum, and losing steam.

But you know what, all is not lost.

I also can see in my life experiences that of staying on the course like a turtle. Though I’m not running at a brisk pace, I can still walk, I can take a break, I can go by the rest stop, I haven’t called it quits. Yet.

Quitting is Only Temporary

This is a good thought. It’s never too late to pick it up again. No project has come to an end, until the very end, of my life. So as long as I have breath, I can take that next step, through Christ who gives me strength, as that winning Super Bowl quarterback has favorited the Bible verse Philippians 4:13.

I might have broken my weekly rhythm, I actually did, I can also continue wher I left off.

I’m picking up my phone and using voice typing while waiting for the sunrise, which I think has already happened behind the clouds this morning, I can continue my conversation with you God. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for your patience with me. Thank you that I can talk with you anytime.

The Connection of Believing and Seeing

Yeah I know that prayer is my lifeline to an infinite and an infinitely good and loving God. While I can conceive of other kind of gods, or not believing in anything besides the natural world—believing there’s nothing supernatural, or believe the world has only impersonal supernatural mysterious unseen forces, from the many other beliefs and stories from other people throughout history in the world, I am choosing to believe in the good and loving God revealed in the Christian Bible.

And I know friends in my life that really struggle with the lack of certainty, and feel the frustration of not knowing what to believe because they don’t feel it, because they can’t believe without a thorough understanding, or at least personally sufficient understanding of what it is that they believe, or bring convinced beyond a so-called shadow of doubt. Or, they can’t just choose one belief because there are so many good beliefs in the world, and I don’t want to believe that some people are right or some people are wrong. Or you can say that most people are believing acceptable things, and only the really bad people are believing and behaving wrongly; they’re the evil ones.

There’s a big word for all this, epistemology. I like big words because they give me more room to explore and it’s filled with many layers and dimensions of thoughts and ideas.

But believing is what affects how we see the world. There’s a saying: seeing is believing. The real truth is that believing is how we see life. Believing is seeing. We see what we want to see. Our own lenses directly affect how we see the world and how we see life.

There are truths that are universal and absolute. And there are also truths that are subjective and relative, as many as there are people in the world, so that’s over 7 billion subjective truths.

In today’s time where everyone can have their own truth, that’s actually not all that different than when Pontius Pilate exasperated, “What is truth?!”

Great to Have Another Day

Thank you for a wonderful life, God. Thank you for this Saturday, and the errands I get to do. Ciao.