The thing about starting and ending

Summertime. I write this on the last weekend of July 2018. Summer of 2018 is coming to a close in a few more weeks.

This prayer blog experience and experiment is also coming to a close with one more blog post in the queue. I might squeeze in another, but I haven’t shown much consistency since the experiment has gone on longer than I had first anticipated. For those of you keeping score at home, this was initially going to be a 30-week prayer blog experiment. Well, we are now on week #50 or so. Remember to give grace to myself. Continue reading “The thing about starting and ending”

When words are not enough

Someone said to me that typing and writing uses different parts of the brain. Tonight I took a stylus and wrote. And drew a bit too.

These words surfaced as I thought of the people around me, especially friends and family. What could I say, or in this case, write, as words of hoping and wishing the best, and better, for each and every one. An expression of prayer art, my word art offered up as a cry and plea.

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Who cares if I stay alive?

This month of June rolls by unlike any other. Not just because of this time year or the cloudier days that the locals in SoCal call June gloom.

This month gave me a very unique opportunity to work on a side project called Erasing Shame about Mental Health. Very grateful to work on this special series of videos that captures interviews and stories of Asian Americans who have struggled through life issues; grateful for their humility and courage to share their stories, potentially with the world, and for many of them, for the first time.

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Imagine a world where love is the way

Watched a video of Bishop Michael Curry at last weekend’s Royal Wedding. I didn’t get to watch it live. I did not read up on all the news leading up to the wedding or the post-wedding analysis. That’s okay.

And, oh how stirring that sermon was! He called for people to imagine a world that was different because of love.

Thanks to the internet, I found the whole sermon transcript; I’m thinking of this portion:

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I’m thinking about you and many others too

Taking a step back on a beautiful day to reflect on the goodness of life. And for that I am very thankful. It’s graduation week for many college students, and I’m sure they’re very happy to reach a big milestone. As I think of them, I hope they will do good things with their lives and do good for the world. We need more of the good guys to shine brightly in these days of tragedies, abuses, all kinds of evils.

Thank you for time to meet up with some old friends from 20 years ago. Think of their 2 young daughters and their jobs’ fulfillment. I also think of others who are traveling. Glad to know how freely people can travel and I hope it enriches their marriages.

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