So the concept that God is all-knowing can be rather disturbing. I believe that’s true, even though I don’t understand all the implications of that.

Let’s start there. God knows all my thoughts, both good and bad, both memorable ones and forgotten fleeting ideas. My thoughts and feelings are known to God already, like I’m an open book. God knows the beginning and the end, because He is outside of time. You know my future and You will care for me better than the birds and the flowers. That’s what your word this says.

What else can I say, God? This is my half way point of blogging my prayer and typing them out. When I make the time for this conversation with you, I believe it is a good thing, it’s good for my soul.

I was going to say I know instead of I believe. I know that, is just another way of saying that, I believe that. So there are different senses of that word know.