I’ve heard of a book with the title “Conversations with God” but didn’t read it and don’t know anything about it. Its Wikipedia entry describes the author’s conception of God as a divine force that sounds more like a mashup of Hinduism, Sikhism, and other philosophies.

The conversations I’m having with God is with the personal triune God of Christianity as revealed in the Bible. Want to be clear for new readers to this blog. Now, let me turn my attention to talk with my dear God while you listen in.

Thank you for finding and reading this blog. This blog seeks to be an inside look at my prayer journal as I talk with God through my blogging and writing. I’ll be blogging once a week for the next 30 weeks. Now I do talk to God more often than once a week, but not all of my written prayers are posted online, at least I’m not ready to do that at this time.

I will be writing and blogging in my heartfelt fashion, using my honest words as I think them in my mind and feel them in my heart, without Christian jargon. Minimal use of Christian jargon, anyways, though occasionally I will have to refer to spiritual terms in order to connect with the intangible metaphysical realities that I believe to be true by faith. I’ve discovered that by using my own words in talking with God, that, this has helped me to be more engaged in prayer. And that’s a good thing. I’m finding that it’s boosted my spiritual life to converge prayer and writing and talking. Along the way, this will be a further discovery of my prayer language.