southbound on I-81

Just before 8:30am, we left Winchester, fueled up at Sheetz for $2.79 per gallon, and hopped onto Interstate 81 South. First destination will be Blacksburg for lunch and a Virginia Tech campus visit.

Was going to turn on the live video lifestreaming early, but the technicians are performing scheduled server upgrades. So I’ve got the webcam recording a time-lapse video of what it looks like to drive south along the Shenandoah Valley. [tech note: I’m using a mobile broadband card for Internet connectivity on the T-mobile Total Internet network, and it looks like connectivity is decent so far.]

Sorry, folks, may not be able to run live video every day on the cross country drive. During the 11:00am portion, best we got was an intermittent signal and that won’t cut it for lifestreaming. Plan B is to record some videos and shoot photos that I’ll upload via Wifi in the evenings.