How To Talk About It

We are learning to live day by day, with each passing moment, especially Rachelle. It’s a different way to live, to just focus on the present. Learning to put aside genuine concerns and responsibilities for the future, for the sake of using one’s energy to stay on the recovery process to restore health, is patently hard for a planner personality type. Granted. But necessary. Desperately so.

We’ve made it through a month on this recovery journey. How far have we progressed? I don’t think we are ready to answer that yet. R is open to exploring and learning how to talk about her cares and concerns in a non-anxious way. And this exploring kinda feels like trying to think of a password. When she finds or hears the right word, that’ll begin to loosen the chains of those persistent thoughts and overbearing feelings.

Is this a work in the spiritual realm? Regulating meds to stabilize physical metrics like blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar level? Psychotropics? Talk therapy? Yoga? Trying many things. Not there yet. That’s what we are slowly working on. Appreciate your prayers.